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Are you keeping the right records about your business?

Are you keeping the right records about your business?
Traffic Commissioner calls on you and other restricted operators to record main occupation and income
Do you keep track of your minibus income and time?
Has your main occupation changed?
Last month, a minibus operator who didn’t keep records of his full time work lost his licence.
When you completed your licence application, you had to declare your main occupation. That’s because the law says you can only run PSVs on a part time basis under a restricted licence.
If you start running PSVs full time, you’ve got to get a standard licence.
Traffic commissioners can check whether you are still meeting the main occupation criteria and DVSA staff will make enquiries when they’re carrying out their enforcement activities.
What should you do now?
Confirm your main occupation is the same as when you applied for your licence. If it isn’t, notify the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.
Check what records you’ve kept about your income from the PSVs on your licence. If you don’t have any, you’ll need to review your accounts and the P60 for your main occupation.
If you get more income from running PSVs than from your other occupation(s), or you spend more time on the PSV business than on any other occupation, you must apply for a standard licence immediately

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