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Are you keeping the right records about your business?

Are you keeping the right records about your business? Traffic Commissioner calls on you and other restricted operators to record main occupation and income Do you keep track of your minibus income and time? Has your main occupation changed? Last month, a minibus...

Looking after your licence discs

Looking after your licence discs Always check vehicles you’re selling or aren’t running Think about the last vehicle you sold or took off your licence. Do you remember what you did with the licence disc? Chances are you took it out of the vehicle. But sometimes in...

Transport manager could have prevented serious failings

Transport manager could have prevented serious failings CPC holder stepped down but Traffic Commissioner says that decision, like his other actions, was too late Promoting culture of compliance across a business can be challenging. Your commitment to safe vehicle and...

The importance of education

The importance of education Traffic commissioners begin series of autumn speaking engagements Over the next few months, your local Traffic Commissioner will be getting out and about to talk about the value of staying compliant. Every year they’re asked to do a series...

Stay safe, stay back

Stay safe, stay back New Highways England campaign highlights the risks of tailgating Have you seen the new road safety campaign from Highways England yet? It was launched last week to show the dangers of driving too close to other vehicles. With over a quarter of...

Making the right move for your O licence

What would you do if you had to move all your vehicles from your authorised operating centre because of events outside your control? It’s not an unrealistic scenario. The land could be sold for development, meaning you’ve no longer got permission to keep vehicles...